About us
Introduction to the Company

Thank you for visiting our website. A&A Material Corporation (“A&AM”) was born in October 2000 with the merger of two companies with long and successful histories, ASK Corp. and Asano Slate Co., Ltd. The new company name is derived from the first letters in the original two companies’ names. The A&AM Group conducts operations drawing on its key technologies in production, decoration and installation of building materials, and in technologies for the control of heat, noise and other energy. Since becoming Japan’s first producer of slate in 1914, A&AM has generated a steady stream of innovative technologies as a pioneer in non-flammable building materials. The Company’s sterling market reputation is matched by an extensive track record. A&AM’s heat-control technologies, focusing on non-flammable, flame-resistant and insulating technologies, give rise to products and construction methods that support safe, comfortable living and other environments.
As a company with its origins in slate, A&AM supplied low-priced, non-flammable building materials to cities ruined in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the Pacific war. A&AM was thus a key contributor to the reconstruction of these cities.

In recent years, the needs of the construction industry have become both more diverse and more demanding. To respond to these requirements, A&AM is deepening its unique basic technologies, including building materials such as decorated boards and non-flammable boards with functional and sophisticated designs, industrial products centered on heat isolation, and heat-resistant insulation and construction techniques for various systems. By transforming these technologies into products and construction methods, A&AM is advancing operations founded on consistency in materials and construction.

At A&AM, our management philosophy consists of a firm commitment: To enrich living environments and social infrastructure and to drive the development of industry through its operations creating the environment that are safe, comfortable, and giving the peace of mind; to enhance customer satisfaction; to fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and society; and to be a company that society trusts. Guided by these imperatives, A&AM is redoubling its efforts to create a prosperous society for all.