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Introduction to Operations
 Construction and Building materials Business
Building materials Department
The Building materials Department produces and sells a wide variety of interior and exterior decorative materials, such as non-flammable boards (Hiluc, etc.) and decorated boards (Stend series, etc.). The Department also uses non-flammable boards to obtain various types of structural certification, providing safety and security. As a special sales group, the Department sells a variety of tunnel materials, such as Tunnelite, a flame-resistant material for tunnel frameworks; flame-resistant, protective cladding for optical fiber; tunnel-interior materials; and tunnel repair and reinforcement materials.
Piping Department
The Piping Department sells a wide range of construction-related piping materials. Examples include flame-resistant double-layered pipes, used to connect fire partitions in fire-preventing and flame-resistant structures such as buildings and condominiums; accessories related to the above; and one-touch couplings pre-fitted with joint filler.
The Department aims to galvanize its sales operations and enhance services in flame-resistant insulation and other construction projects. To that end, in October 2009 the Department spun off its construction operations into a separate company, A&A Construction Co., Ltd. Please see the A&A Construction website for details.

 Industrial Products Business
Industrial Products Department
This Department sells an array of disaster prevention products. These include insulating materials for piping and equipment in plants related to electrical-power and gas; expansion joints that protect piping and ducts from expansion, contraction and heat; soundproofing materials for the partitions, ceilings and floors of ships; transport rollers for heat-treatment processes; and flame-resistant protective sheets used in disaster prevention installation of communication cables. The Department also handles automobile-related products such as brake linings, sealants and clutch facings.

 Environment & Energy Business
Environment & Energy Department
In recycling-related operations, this Department handles the intermediate treatment of industrial waste and removal of recyclable materials from the waste and promotes applications for these materials.In energy-related operations, the Environment & Energy Department designs and manufactures “Light Solar”, solar-power generation panels, and proposes energy-saving products and construction methods.