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Basic Policy on Information Security
The A&AM Group (“the Group”) considers the protection of its information assets to be an important business priority, and recognize that protection to be an important social responsibility.
To advance its business activities in a secure and stable manner, the Group has established a Basic Policy on Information Security. All Group directors and employees are required to comply strictly with the terms of this Basic Policy, making every effort to handle, protect and manage the Group’s information assets appropriately.

  1. The Group strictly complies at all times with laws and regulations, as well as social norms, regarding information security.
  2. The Group determines management methods and standards for handling information assets, and appoints managers for this purpose, to protect information security.
  3. To protect information assets from damage, loss, theft, improper disclosure, unlawful use, failure, accidents and incorrect processing, the Group enacts appropriate security measures.
  4. In the event of a security incident with respect to information assets, the Group takes immediate steps to minimize the damage, investigates the causes and makes efforts to prevent its recurrence.
  5. The Group conducts education and awareness-raising exercises regarding information security for all directors and employees, thoroughly informing all personnel about information security.
  6. The Group regularly evaluates and revises the Basic Policy on Information Security and related regulations and management systems, and continuously improves its information-security framework.