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Announcement of Medium-term Management Plan

The A&A Material Group has set the basic policy to "lay the foundation as a sustainably developing company" and has formulated the 2017 Medium-term Management Plan starting from fiscal 2015 and ending in fiscal year 2017.

The Group aims to expand its business by working to improve customer satisfaction and creating new demand for core products and services more than ever before. In addition, by appropriately introducing management resources, we will promote resource saving, energy conservation, efficiency of operations, and reduce costs.

In addition, we are planning global manufacturing and sales channels that are not influenced by the domestic economy, with a view to overseas business development, where demand is anticipated, in anticipation of the period after 2020, when domestic demand is expected to decline.

The Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and corporate value by reliably achieving the management goals specified in the Medium-term Management Plan.

Summary of Medium-term Business Plan 2013 "REALIZE"

In the 2013 "REALIZE" Medium-term Management Plan, a three-year plan through fiscal 2013, the A&A Material Group aims to become a group that continues to contribute to society as a profitable and environmental energy company.

With regard to "strengthening profitability" listed as a pillar of our basic strategy, we have strengthened and nurtured our core brands. As a result, the Materials Sales Department of the Construction and Building Materials business has increased sales of calcium cosmetic silicate boards, "Stendo #400" Series, which feature high antibacterial specifications and woodgraining decoration specifications, and FG Board, which features excellent processability. In the Construction Department, high value added construction such as flame-resistant coatings for seismic isolation equipment "Gomenka" has increased. Meanwhile, in the industrial product / engineering business, although demand was sluggish due to postponement and reduction of new construction related to plants and maintenance work, materials sales of original products such as rollers for high heat treatment material continued to sustain stable sales. In the automobile-related business, sales in Japan remained steady, and overseas sales increased for brake-linings for motorcycle manufacturing in Indonesia

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